Frequently Asked Questions

No. Open Chaise Lounge will provide you with the booking software.

The seating chart is managed from the administrator panel. You can manage the number of seats and pricing per row.. Also, you can manage lounges automatically based on peak sunlight and tide times.

Open Chaise Lounge can customize, manage and adjust your seating chart according to physical distancing guidelines; show positioning of sun and tides; provide chaise lounge flags and create printed items for promotion at an additional fee.

When your property has been chosen, guests will be prompted to choose:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Number of people 
  • Number of towels (based on availability)
  • Number of umbrellas (based on availability)
  • Choose location from beach or pool seating plans

Booking information will be shared on your OCL dashboard and reservation system in real time via email. An email and/or text will be sent to the guest with their booking and QR code to present to the pool or beachside host. 

The amount of lounges available is up to you.

Bookings are linked in real-time between your location and Open Chaise Lounge.

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